Elderly British couple and son savagely beaten at Thai resort


A VICIOUS assault on a British family at a beachside resort in Thailand left them unconscious after a group of men punched and kicked them amid the chaos of a busy marketplace. 

The attack was captured on CCTV and the video has just been released despite the incident being understood to have occurred on April 13. 

Three members of the family, thought to be an older couple and their adult son, were caught up in the thronging celebrations of Thai New Year at 2am when it appears the son brushed against a Thai man carrying a bottle. 

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An altercation ensues and the Brit is shoved to the ground while his parents intervene.  Although details are murky and largely drawn from online speculation, it appears as though the woman accosts the Thai with a slap before an accomplice lands a savage punch knocking her son to the ground. 

At that point the elderly woman and her husband are brutally attacked by a few men as the crowd disperses. Onlookers then helped the unconscious family members once the men had fled. 

The identity of the family is as yet unknown and it is understood that they are still in Thailand waiting to fly home. 

The Songkarn festival, which celebrates the Thai New Year, is a wild three-day long affair which is already subject to a safety campaign launched by the British Embassy to warn revellers and tourists of potential dangers. 



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