Spain to receive 200 migrants from Greece and Italy

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Migrants are waiting at European borders.

IT has been reported that Spain is due to welcome 200 migrants from Italy and Greece in the first part of May 2016. 

The announcement came from Acting Interior Minister Jorge Fernandez Diaz, who took part in an EU council meeting along with other ministers of the interior to discuss the issue of migration. Furthermore, the minister has claimed that Spain will also receive a further 385 Syrian refugees from Turkey, however there is no designated time frame for this operation. Apparently, 16,000 migrants were due to be transported from Italy to the Spanish peninsular, but only 18 have so far made the journey.

The exact number of refugees and migrants who have crossed over the Mediterranean into the EU since the migration crisis started in earnest last year seems to be unclear. The perhaps controversial move to return migrants to Turkey upon their arrival in Greek or Italian territories was intended to diffuse the work of mafia groups and people traffickers, who exploited those wishing to make the life-threatening journey.

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April 1 saw Greece, Cyprus and Turkey forming an alliance to return illegal border-crossers to ‘safe-zones’ on Turkish territory. Restriction or housing centres were set up to examine eligibility for those refugees who applied for asylum. The first deportations took place as soon as April 4.


  1. While it seems right to help the Syrian refugees there is a difference between those in Europe and in the Middle East camps. The Syrians do not ask for asylum in their neighbouring muslim states and are expected to return home when the conflict ends. Those who come to Europe want passports and nationality and stay for ever. This suggests they are not genuine refugees but economic migrants seeking a better life and given the number of poor people in Africa, Asia and the Middle East – 250 million at the last count – Europe faces a never ending invasion while the dozen muslim states in Africa, the Middle East and Caucasus do little to help their muslim neighbours. Europe should limit its help to financial aid for the refugees who stay in the region, not transform our society ar a rime when millions of Europeans are unemployed

  2. At least 4,000 men, women and children are still surviving (just) in the besieged and formerly prosperous Syrian town of Daraya where there has been no electricity for more than 3 years, the water supply has been completely destroyed and there is a severe lack of food and medicine. Assad’s government is ignoring requests for aid to be allowed in. (Source: UN Emergency Relief co-ordinator Stephen O’Brien)

    Would you tolerate that and stay there? Or would you rather be a refugee in a leaky boat on the Med? The words frying pan and fire spring to mind. Would you even consider for one nanosecond returning there? Ever?

    Be thankful you were born into the skin of a Brit and not a Syrian in Daraya.

    200? A drop (literally) in the ocean.

  3. So adding these 200 to the millions of migrants that have come across from Africa in the last several years that makes it somewhere around…… just what the Spanish economy and those looking for employment really need!

    This is a very sad situation for people not only from Syria but from other countries… but European countries can’t keep opening up our doors to the people from every country that has problems or we will eventually destroy our society and sacrifice when our peoples have spend centuries “and more” trying to build. There is no work here and services in most EU countries are struggling to cope as it is.
    When totaled up this is certainly no drop in the ocean!


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