Worries over water shortage

REPAIR WORKS: Three of the lines need serious repairs carried out.

THE Balearic government cannot guarantee that the desalination plant in Palma will be able to work at full capacity this summer.

Repair work began this month at the plant which has four of its nine lines damaged due to years of lack of use.  The government has no guarantees that the plant which converts seawater into freshwater will be able to offset the effects of the drought that the Balearics has been experiencing.

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Three of the lines need serious repairs and there are fears that they will not be operational in May when the demand for water will increase substantially due to the expected massive influx of tourists.

Director General of Water Resources Joana Maria Garau said that they are working to have the maximum number of lines functioning by May 4, which is when water consumption in the Bay of Palma is expected to increase.  She warned that in three of the lines the situation is critical since they are the most damaged and need all of the electrical wiring replaced which is a complex task. Garau did say that the government can guarantee that six of the lines will be working at full capacity on May 4.


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