Obama moves on to Germany to chat with the Chancellor

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AFTER a whirlwind tour of England that included tea with the queen, golf with Prime Minister David Cameron, and a lot of intense Brexit discussions, the American president has moved on to Germany, where he will discuss pressing political matters while making several high-profile public appearances.

Earlier today (on Sunday April 24), German Chancellor Angela Merkel received Obama at the stunning Herrenhausen Palace, which is a rebuilt version of the home where the royal house of Hannover used to while away their summer days. The palace was originally obliterated during the Second World War before being reopened to much fanfare in 2013.

The two leaders exchanged pleasantries before heading into the palace to chat. They are also scheduled to hold a joint news conference in the evening, after which they will open the city’s industrial fair, a hugely important annual event which just happens to have the United States as its featured country this year.


Obama’s trip to Germany largely revolves around a proposed trans-Atlantic trade pact, although other issues such as the war on Daesh and the Syrian refugee crisis will also receive attention.

Obama is expected to plead his case for the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership or T-Tip over the course of his two day visit to the country which is so often seen as the economic motor and driving force behind the European continent. 


  1. Obama is only interested in finalising TTIP and that is why he tried to scare the British public into thinking they would be at the end of the queue on trade with US, he wants TTIP which I personally feel is a major mistake to become involved in, why would this be done behind closed doors?It’s only a trade deal isn’t it… or is it?

    The UK currently trades with the US much easily than other EU countries do so, that would tell me no trade deal is needed between the UK and US as the arrangement as it is appears to work well so we would be at the end of the queue for something we haven’t actually needed or don’t appear to need, big deal!
    Obama is desperate for the TTIP to go through and the UK is his foot in the door to the EU and that is why he showed desperation in his threatening speech, a speech that reduced him to the level of a scared con man rather than a statesman in my opinion, he is not interested in the UK only the USA and himself so do not be fooled by this desperate failed politician who BTW stated he “saved the USA from depression” while in Germany! 😉


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