Some habits that are not as healthy as people first thought

MORNING COFFEE: Postpone until later in the day.

TO mark World Health Day, Quiron Salud Torrevieja Hospital organised a round table discussion attended by doctors and health care workers to discuss commonly believed health myths, such as:

 Coffee wakes you up

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The body has an internal clock responsible for increasing the level of alert early in the morning with increased production of cortisol. These levels decrease later, so it is more effective to postpone coffee consumption until two or three hours after getting up.

  Drinking excess water

Everyone believes you have to drink a lot of water. But experts say too much water forces the kidneys to remove more liquid and with it, electrolytes that are necessary for the body.  

  Put your head back if you have a nosebleed

Press the nose at the top and tilt the head forward. This makes the blood drain out to avoid swallowing or passing through the airways.

  Cross your legs

Few realise the damage it can do to your back, as it forces you to carry all your weight on one side. Ideally sit with your legs touching the ground.

 Skipping breakfast to lose weight

A balanced diet requires regular meals a day, and ensuring you eat breakfast first gives you energy to face the morning, helps to jump-start your metabolism and helps preventing eating too much at mealtimes due to an excessive appetite.  

 Eating fruit as dessert

Fruit eaten after a meal causes a rapid rise in blood insulin levels and makes everything previously eaten more easily become fat. It is more ideal to eat a separate portion of fruit outside of meal times.

  Avoid the sun

Ultraviolet B (UVB) is the most important source of vitamin D for your body, and is known to boost the levels of mood-boosting dopamine, so some sunshine is essential.


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