Chock a dock


THE acting Minister of Development, Ana Pastor, has inaugurated the initial phase of the new seawall in Almeria port, a project which is expected to cost some €17.4 million. 

The numbers are impressive, with a 417-metre stretch of wall being installed, comprising nine reinforced concrete ‘boxes’, each 45-metres long by 21-metres wide and filled with 154,000 cubic metres of dredged material.

Andalucian ports represent 29 per cent of the national total of commercial dockings, with Almeria responsible for 4.5 per cent, making it the fastest-growing port in the region.

Depending on how this demand evolves, there are plans afoot to extend the new seawall to a length of 1,028 metres, plus a floating counter-wall of 220 metres.

The Pechina docks are also earmarked for expansion, with an additional 450-metre line of moorings planned.


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