Vote out when the time comes

GEORGE OSBORNE: How can this man prophesy an exact figure?

HOW on earth can George Osborne declare that a British exit from the EU would cost every member of the British community £4,300 a year?

How can this man prophesy an exact figure around such an unknown entity? No one truly knows what will happen should we leave,  or how we will prosper when a whole world of new markets are open to us to negotiate, and we are able to use our own rules and regulations to deliver the best deals and business agreements. 

This is a figure plucked out of nowhere, specifically delivered to frighten the British public into staying in, and it’s a disgrace. To me it’s on a par with Blair’s announcement that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. It’s scaremongering at a disgusting level and sounds like a ploy, emanating from a government panicking and prepared to go to any lengths to deceive the British people. 

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To me, apart from all the advantages I believe leaving will bring, it is the spectre of some 80 million Turks having free access to Britain should they become members in the future.

I see that particular move as the knell of death to the United Kingdom and its culture, and a reversed two finger salute to the thousands, nay millions who died in their endeavours to create it. 

Vote out when the time comes and cock a very large snook at the suffocating Brussels buffoons and the conniving of Cameron and his cohorts. Put the great back in Britain. Let’s show the world that the British bulldog is still very much alive and kicking hard. 

Personally I think it’s all very exciting, and even though it may make life difficult for us expats, it’s a small price to pay for delivering an unshackled, free democracy to our future generations. Out is clout. Let’s bring it on.

Nice to see the Pope taking a dozen refugees back to the Vatican. I did notice that none of the party included any of those that make up the majority, ie young fit Muslim men, with trendy trainers and mobile phones. Funny that!

Keep the faith

Love Leapy

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  1. quite honestly I think we should stay in. We are now so deeply committed that out would (in my opinion) be a huge risk. We should stay i and fight our corner to maintain our own sovereignty and our own laws and legal system
    Most of all we should fight dump the non elected (jobs for the boys) commissioners and bring in a second chamber of elected people,

  2. I agree 100% Leapy! This scaremongering by some politicians should not sway the vote of any intelligent Brit.
    I am sure that Britain will do much better outside the Union than pandering to those awful idiots in Brussels.
    It is time we were masters of our OWN country and not subject to the rules and regulations passed down by Brussels.

  3. Quite honestly it’s a lose lose situation. Perhaps we should never have gone down that road in the first place.

    In or out we,re screwed either way. We have a bunch of non elected beurocrats calling the shots or we have a bunch of wealthy ex public school prats doing it.

    Then we could have this lot lose a general election and end up with an ultra left wing federalist who would change everything anyway.

    Summing up it looks like ordinary people will be the losers whatever happens.

  4. Hi Roy.. Yes they are using scare tactics against leaving
    Not heard anyone doing same for staying in ….. But Cameron spending 9.5 Million on Leaflets.. I bet mate of his from Eton got Couple Million for Printing & distributing.. He could just as easy put it on Wed.. & those who wanted could read the Rubbish..
    As You say We are governed by ex. Eton.. in UK who are Powerless… We will save enough by not paying EU to double NHS Budget.. So that’s a Plus…
    Also if Turks allowed in 80million free to come to UK.. & Claim the Lot.. If only 1% come that’s virtually a Million.. & they will for Sure.. & We are Just FULL UP…. So those 2 reasons are enough for me to say OUT..:: Tony Blair when Poland Joined & few countries said no entry for 2 years.. Tony Blair said Yes let them in immediately.. Only 20 or 30,0000 will Come.. We now have Million in London & about 3 million around Country.. Lucky most of they are good workers.. But we still send 50 million a week to Poland in Child Allowance & Family Credits :: Because Europe said they can claim in any Country.. Well as their Child Benefit is £3 & UK is £35 is it no wonder they claim in UK.. I do not blame them at all I would do same thing..
    I blame those who agreed to it.. EU & UK Gov.. ..

  5. I would love to vote – at all. But like many ex-pats I have been disenfranchised. I have no vote, even though I pay a lot of tax on my Pension in the UK. The principle goes back to Magna Carta, but recent governments have ignored it.

  6. Scaremongering is nothing more than a terminology to Tuesday by people when an opponents argument is stronger than yours.

    I can,t stand Cameron and his bunch but bore us Johnson is more dangerous than Donald Trump.

  7. What a load of hypocritical nonsense. I can’t honestly believe Lee is being allowed to spout such bigotry week in week out. The obvious question back is how can Lee know that the figures are pure guesswork? My guess is that the government have access to more information than he can imagine. The real hypocrisy comes when you consider the number of years he has spent here in Spain under the beneficial shade of the EU flag. Typical case of ‘do as I say etc’.

  8. Hi Derek
    First lets make it clear Lee has taken nothing (Except the Heat) from Spain !!!!!!!!! & Given many of Spain’s Tourists valued Holiday Entertainer !!!
    As to Gov. Figures being Guesswork ( I’m in UK ) & Of course it is pure Guesswork & Spin Doctors.. Osbourne cannot get Growth Number right every 3 months let alone 4 years time.. Hopefully he wont be in Government..
    But HE for 100% certainty has no Idea nor has anyone.. With everyone trying to get to UK for our Benefits & Welfare System !!! We have no idea how many more will come… They in Gov. ALL Lie & run Country to suit themselves & Eton Mates.. But I repeat Osbourne has been wrong every 3 months he has predicted… So You think he can be correct in 4 years.. ??? No Way on Earth… Pure Figure from Spin Doctors to scare the Out Voters : Would be surprised if In Voters Believe it ::

  9. The printing firm used to print the Pamphlets for the remain bunch costing £9.300.000 were printed by a German company that does printing work for the EU

  10. When I was doing some research into moving to Spain I read somewhere that UK state pension is increases with inflation only for EU countries (except Switzerland I think). Not much inflation at the moment but who knows what it might be in the future, especially if Labour get in.

  11. Hi Wreclymeck
    Leaflet not printed in Germany by German Company.. But by London Based Williams Lea. Est. 1820 & Took over by Deutsche Post DHL in 2006. So infact Part of Deutsche Group..
    Hawever Fact remains.. Williams Lea were paid 6.4 Million for Production ; Printing & Distributing to 27 million UK Households.
    So deduct the 6.4 from 9.3 Total Cost leaves 2.9 million for Promotion !!!!!! I should have thought it was self promoting ????? So who infact received the 2.9 Million Pounds.. As I said previously No Doubt a Mate of Cameron;s received it.. Nice Money for Someone.. Oh & Produce a Web Site Say £1,000
    How can £2.9 million be Justified.. Some one got almost 45% of William Lea UK for their work..
    As Usual it Stinks !!!!!!!!!!!! As does the 340 Million we Give EU per week & In Total we Give Them 19.1 Billion per Year. ( Admit we get Some Back ) But 19 Billion could do wonders for National Health
    Think this Justifies Lee’s comments in Column

  12. “Put the great back in Britain. Let’s show the world that the British bulldog is still very much alive and kicking hard.”

    You cannot put back what was never there in the first place. The concept of British greatness is a great big lie. The Patriotic view has been rammed down the throats of Brits in order to distract them from the appalling truth about Britain’s role in the world over the last few centuries. The idea that the British Empire was some kind of civilizing and moral force for good in the world is absolute rubbish. The gullible fools such as the author of this piece continue to encourage the continuing crimes of the post colonial elitist masters. The illusion of benificence by the British Empire is clear to see if only you can get your heads out of the sand, literally and figuratively. You have no business in the Middle East. You are major suppliers of weapons of war now being used to destroy other countries. You are bosom buddies with one of the most repressive and obnoxious regimes in the world, the Saudis. Before you spew any more of your self righteous twaddle, Pulleyblank, try investigating the real history of the British Empire. It might give you pause for thought. You are an embarassment.

  13. The disenfranchising of Brits who have been outside the UK 15 years or more was decided by the British government. If the appeal to the (British) Supreme Court fails (very likely), and assuming the appellants can leapfrog the HoL (also British) guess where they’ll be able to go next to fight for the reinstatement of the ‘vote for life’…allowing expats to vote for a Brexit? That’s right: the European courts!!! The right to vote is entrenched in the European Charter on Human Rights, meaning the very institution you want to leave will be the one to protect your right to vote to do so, which has been taken away by the government you trust to run your UK-related affairs once you’ve left, and which will no longer be subject to any influence by the institution competent to return you the right to vote to leave. Seriously, I wish I had enough hands for such a mastodontic face-palm moment.


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