Sea sponges are the way forward for women

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A sea sponge in its natural environment.

WOMEN should not use tampons and should use sea sponges instead, a left-wing Catalonian party has urged.   

As a more ecological alternative, the CUP party feels that the sponges, amongst other ecological options, would be better for the environment and women’s health as opposed to tampons and sanitary towels. 

The debate is due to start April 24 in the town of Manresa after the proposal was put forward. 

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The CUP party is a left-wing, pro-independence party and they wrote about the motion: ‘Many products are harmful to women’s health, environmentally unsustainable and overpriced for such a basic need.’ 

The party wants more local information and more centres stocking the alternative sanitary items, enabling women to have a choice in their sanitary preferences. They stated that the Services for Women (SIAD) centres should stock ‘alternative’ sanitary items such as ‘menstrual cups, re-usable cloth sanitary towels and menstrual sponges.’ 

Menstrual sponges are made from sea sponges and are all-natural. Products include ‘sea sponge tampons.’

A CUP spokesman said: “We don’t want to ban tampons or sanitary towels, we only want the women of Manresa to be informed about all the possibilities, and then they can choose the best option.

“We think that the alternative methods are better because they are healthier for the body, cheaper and more eco-friendly, but we don’t want to force anyone to use them.”

Menstrual sponges are already in use and stocked in some countries. They can last up to six months and are re-usable so there is a lot less waste. 

CUP has said that they would potentially not stop at just one town, but roll out the idea across the entire northeastern region. 



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