Rain control

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THE organisation ‘Coordinators of Farmers and Ranchers of Almeria’ (COAG) has expressed concerns that hired planes are being used to prevent rainfall throughout the province.

According to them, the mercenary aircraft appear when rain is forecast and use chemical weaponry to cause clouds to dissipate.

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A spokesman for the agricultural group said: “Every time you can see more clearly that these planes cut through the clouds in all directions, releasing chemicals that substantially decrease rainfall.”

“Even in areas such as western Almeria, some people have seen how the rain is sometimes bright yellow, which could prove that the rain has fallen following an unsuccessful attempt to break up rain-filled clouds.”

COAG have made a complaint to SEPRONA, the branch of the Guardia Civil that deals with environmental crime, and have set up an event called ‘Denounce the anti-rain planes’ on their Facebook page.

“We demand explanations, a thorough investigation, and to identify those responsible. Who is hiring these planes? What is the purpose of deterring the rain?”

It would be interesting to hear from any readers who have witnessed such climatic crimes taking place in Almeria; please drop us a line if you too are convinced that our weather is being manipulated by shady forces.


  1. We have yellow rain here too – in Malaga province. It is cause by dust from the Sahara. No need for conspiracy theories, just wash it off the cars

  2. It´s good groups are coming together, and making a stand against these planes that pollute our skies on a weekly basis. However, this goes right to the top, and all EU nations are in on it. I´m not sure it´s too prevent rain either; I believe it´s some kind of anti-global warming experiment.

  3. This is not News to myself and many others concerned about how governments have been controlling the world’s weather for years. Commercial aircraft have been releasing ‘chemtrails’ over certain countries targeted by the three major powers for obvious reasons.
    I used to live very near to the flightpath of incoming Trans-Atlantic flights landing at Heathrow, and even on a clear day, with about 45 miles to touchdown, the contrails changed from white to yellow and hung there for a good while before dissipating.


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