Couple arrested in Algeciras with suspected links to Daesh

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Arrests took place in Algeciras.

A COUPLE has been arrested in Algeciras on suspicion of having links with Daesh. They were trying to travel to Morocco according to Spain’s interior ministry. 

The couple, who live in Granada, were travelling with their young son. The man is allegedly from Morocco and his wife is a Spaniard. 

The arrests are part of a large operation into investigating people linked with the Daesh terrorist group, the ministry also said. 

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This comes as part of a larger investigation. Investigators from the Guardia Civil established the identities of individuals who carried out suicide attacks in Syria and people who are connected to those individuals. It is alleged that in some cases individuals would urge others to join them in Syria. 

The ministry said: “Specialists from the Guardia Civil Information Service were able to establish that one of the members of the group, the brother of the man arrested, died recently in a suicide attack, which prompted the two people arrested to travel unexpectedly toward Morocco.” 

Officers have been searching the couple’s home and are in the process of seizing any evidence relating to Daesh. 


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