Anti-terrorism on the agenda in Madrid

© Guardia Civil
Director General Arsenio Fernandez delivers his opening speech.

THE Guardia Civil have joined forces with the University Institute for Investigation of National Security (IUISI) and National University of Distance Education (UNED) for a third seminar in the anti-terrorism series ‘Threats of the 21st Century’.

The seminar takes place on April 19 and 20, and is designed to enable experts from the Guardia Civil ranks to rub shoulders with other professionals related to the field of security and analysis of the global scenario.

Themes are to include virtual and cyber-terrorism, Jihadist terrorism, the threat of proliferation, and how the Guardia Civil will respond to new threats in the coming years.

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Director General of the Guardia Civil, Arsenio Fernandez, opened proceedings with a speech thanking the IUISI for organising the event, which coincides with the 75th anniversary of the Guardia Civil’s information service.

He also noted that the seminar represents a new framework for reflection on present and future terrorism and the threats posed to our society in the coming years.

Mr Fernandez stressed that the recent attacks in Paris and Brussels demonstrate an intent and capacity for terrorist groups to orchestrate sophisticated hostilities with a high number of fatalities, drawing the focus of world media.

He added that terrorism is an evolving, adaptive phenomenon free of moral standards which has hit Spain hard, but assured that the Guardia Civil has been protecting citizens for more than 172 years and is also able to remodel its methods as and when is necessary.

The two main perils that the Director General believes will shape the future of terrorism in the 21st century are cyber-attacks and nuclear security.

He finished his address with a special mention for all victims of terrorism throughout the world.


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