Human trafficking of Chinese women

© Guardia Civil
Arrests following the year-long investigation.

TWENTY NINE Chinese prostitutes have been freed from their captors after the Chinese Police and The Guardia Civil worked together on operation Gavelo. The operation focused on freeing the Chinese nationals who were forced into the sex industry in Spain after being illegally trafficked into the country from China. 

Police have now arrested 29 people in relation to the large scale trafficking of the women after the operation saw 22 homes and premises searched across Spain including Madrid, Soria, Lleida, Girona, Valencia, Zaragoza and Toledo. It is alleged that the women were forced into drug taking to prevent their escape. 

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The year-long operation began after a search at a local brothel uncovered a couple of Chinese workers, working illegally. 

Further investigations reveal that the women were originally captured throughout different regions of China after being promised work in Spain. 

Once in Spain, the victims were distributed throughout private residences and brothels, some with allegedly very poor living conditions and held against their will. The use of CCTV cameras and video surveillance systems were common in holding the women against their will. 

After the milestone operation in which the cooperation of the Chinese, Spanish, French and Andorran police, the victims have now been released and are now receiving help and support.   



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