Calpe and Denia to spearhead plans for dog beaches


WITH summer just around the corner, the pining of dogs in Calpe and Denia has been heard in the corridors of power and both beautiful Costa Blanca North towns may now be pioneering special dog beaches. 

Following numerous requests from local dog-owners in Calpe, the Citizen’s Participation Department, headed by Carole Saunders, has decided to organise a survey to gauge the level of neighbourly support. The local authorities, aware of the controversy surrounding allowing dogs on beaches, have decided to allow citizens the final say.

There will be a meeting especially for dog-owners on April 18 at 7.30pm in the Salo Blau. All those interested and affected will be able to raise their ideas and concerns, while a follow up meeting will be held exclusively for residents living near the beach. 

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In Denia, meanwhile, the matter has long been a topic of popular debate, and the local government has decided to dip its toes in the water by enacting a new ordinance which will allow the presence of dogs on all beaches during the low season. 

A special dog beach is also on the cards for later in the year with two possible locations already identified. The harbour area of the Punta del Raset is the top choice, but, if this should prove problematic, then near the pier of the Paseo de la Marineta is also on the cards. 

The future dog beach would be physically separated from the other beaches and all the plans in both Calpe and Denia would see tough regulations in force. 


  1. Could anyone update on this please. I have read that Calpe is creating a dog friendly beach but cannot find any more about it. Thank you

    Rosie the spaniel would be very grateful


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