Daesh scores point in Brussels

© Ad Meskens Wikimedia
Brussels Zaventem: The airport before the attack.

THE security police made a decision to go on strike which means the airport is still closed

WHEN the news that Brussels Zaventem airport was finally ready to reopen was released, it coincided with a decision by the security police who guard the airport to go on strike which means that the airport is still closed.

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To some extent understandably, Vincent Gilles, the president of their SFLP union said that his members were worried about security and therefore were not prepared to go back to work. 

He is quoted by the BBC as saying: “We are on strike because of what happened on 22 March – we cannot continue as if this day has not happened.

“The police feel the security measures put in place by the airport company are insufficient for those who work and use the airport.

“We also need to check if all the people and luggage that pass through the area are in fact flying to further destinations.” He also called for controlled access to the departures hall, including the use of metal detectors, body scanners and X-ray machines for luggage no matter how much delay that would cause to passengers.

In fairness, there is still a lot of reconstruction work to be undertaken and any opening planned for this weekend would have seen considerable restrictions on the number of people allowed to check in, and therefore the number of flights that would be allowed to take off.

Amazingly in an open letter to authorities supposedly produced by police officers which was published by Belgian broadcaster VRT, it is alleged that the police had reported to authorities on a daily basis that security at the airport was weak and a number of airport staff had criminal records.

The sad matter of fact is that in addition to causing chaos, confusion and indiscriminate carnage on that one day, Daesh have managed to cripple the main airport of the capital of not only Belgium but some would argue the European Union.

It is true to say that due to the size of the country and the proximity of additional airports both inside and outside Belgium, that movement by air is not impossible but to actually have the airport remain closed because the very police officers who are supposed to enforce security are on strike, must give Daesh leaders a great deal of satisfaction.


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