Burglars make a hash of things

SURPRISE FIND: Police found plants in the house.

ON Thursday April 1, Local Police were alerted by neighbours to the fact that three men were breaking in to a house located in Calle Castilla, near Avenida Carlos Haya in Malaga City. 

Police quickly arrived and spotted one man outside of the property keeping watch and following his detention, they saw two more running to hide in the garage of the house, but as the police approached they turned themselves in to the officers and were arrested for attempted burglary.

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Apart from the surprise of the ease of the arrest, there was another awaiting the officers who upon exploring the house further found a state-of-the-art marihuana plantation, equipped with all the necessary tools from humidifiers to air filters and more than 500 plants.

The investigators quickly assumed that the incompetent trio knew exactly what was in the house and that the plants were in actual fact their target and although this could not be proved unless the burglars made a confession, the officers were sure that this was the case.

Due to the importance of the find, the National Police were alerted and they commenced enquiries in order to identify the owner of the house who it later turned out was actually in prison awaiting trial on an unconnected matter. 


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