Solution in sight for N-332 black spot

Age-friendly suggestions in Calpe Credit: Wordpress

CALPE Town Hall can now start acquiring the necessary land for two roundabouts on the N-332.

The N-332 at Calpe has remained unchanged for 30 years when traffic was lighter and the town had 2,000 residents. The main road is now one of the busiest and most dangerous in Spain and the Calpe turnoff has always been a notorious accident black spot.

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Solutions have been requested by a succession of town halls for decades and permission to improve access to the town centre from the main road was received last year from the national government. 

The Alicante Diputacion has allocated €400,000 to purchase the land and Calpe’s mayor Cesar Sanchez said that the contract to construct the roundabouts will be put out to tender without delay.

If all goes according to plan they should be finished by summer 2017, Sanchez announced.  


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