Blowtorch attack by British tourist in Tenerife

© Wikimedia commons

A BRITISH man has been arrested and charged for attacking a German woman with a blowtorch and leaving her for dead in Tenerife.

The man, who was identified locally as being British and 37-years-old, is being investigated by police trying to understand the circumstances that led to his attack on a German woman in her home on Thursday April 1.

Alongside a 47-year-old German man, he attacked the woman with a blowtorch thus burning her face severely before using a rock to continue his vicious assault. The pair then left the house to go drinking at a nearby plaza.

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The victim, who is reportedly 37-years-old, is now being treated in intensive care with third degree burns to her face which she is undergoing in the Hospital Nuestra Señora de La Candelaria.

Upon his arrest, the attacker told officers ‘I’ve killed my friend’ according to La Opinion. Found with injuries consistent with a suicide attempt the man has been removed to a well-secured mental institution.



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