Stricter controls for the textile industry

MARKET: A woman who bought trousers with improper labelling suffered severe burns.

THE Directorate-General of Consumption of the Balearics headed by Xisco Dalmau has launched a campaign against fraud in the textile industry.

The campaign seeks to check products being sold in the region to see if their composition corresponds to the labelling, and to strengthen controls of potentially hazardous materials.

The case of a woman, who spent months hospitalised with severe burns after going near a heater while wearing Coole brand trousers bought for €8 in Pere Garau, has caused the government to react. 


Dalmau affirmed that they would focus on textiles being sold in both businesses and by street vendors. He explained that if necessary, they would analyse the clothes and act accordingly if cases of fraud are detected. 

Although the region lacks its own laboratory, suspicious products can be sent to the Ministry in Madrid or to a private laboratory.

For consumers who feel they have been wronged or defrauded, Dalmau stressed they have at their disposition the judicial system where they can receive advice and compensation.  



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