Crime can pay if you are clever

© Jason Coghlan
Jason Coghlan and Will Fairman, Director/Producer of the Vice film on location in Manchester.

AT one time, this area was known as the Costa del Crime and because of unusual extradition rules, had more than its fair share of British criminals who came to enjoy the proceeds of their activities and the lifestyle in the sun.

Whilst many have left and others have been arrested, one who first arrived in Marbella in the 1990s has decided that he would turn his knowledge of criminal activities and those involved with them into a highly successful business, where he can advise and offer legal support to expats who fall foul of Spanish law.

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His business JaCogLaw, which was set up in 2012, exists to steer those in trouble with the law through the intricacies of the Spanish system, and he has been particularly successful with this enterprising and innovative activity.

Forty-five-year-old Jason Coghlan makes no secret of the fact that he used to work on the wrong side of the law, and has had a number of prison sentences following his expulsion from the Marines when just 20. 

Now, he has a successful business not just in Spain but also in Thailand and is in the process of expanding to Pakistan as well. If people can afford him, then he will work with the silly child who has done something stupid like getting involved in a fight or being found drunk, or he can assist those whose careers often see them in trouble with the law.

He doesn’t accept sex offenders under any circumstances but when he does work with someone, he gives them good advice as to whether their defence is credible and their case is winnable. Sometimes, he might try to bargain down to a less serious offence, but a record of 183 successful defences shows why his business is so successful.

Now, he finds himself the star of a new VICE documentary, together with his friend and business colleague Antonio Flores of Lawbird, ‘Walking Heavy: Britain’s Most Notorious Reformed Criminal’, which looks at Jason Coghlan and what makes him tick which we have attached to this post. The 45-minute documentary makes fascinating viewing, but readers should beware that the language and the actual story are quite strong, so please view with this in mind.

Jason commented on the fact that he was to be featured in this documentary saying: “JaCogLaw was the best move that I have ever made and every day when I get up for work I have got a big smile on my face because I love what I do… Life has never been this good – as my dad always says! There’s a young guy called Bradley who features in my new film and he is a prime example of what makes me feel good about the work that I do… I hope that you enjoy the movie and I apologise for my bad language in advance!”

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  1. Awesome documentary! Being 31 and from Offerton in Stockport I’ve heard of Jason and seen him around, always drool at his cars , and he’s definitely a man with real presence! being a local lad this was an awesome watch!! haha what a character!! I Would love a job with him!!


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