Two men have been arrested in Marbella

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LOCAL POLICE: Officers had asked the two men to move their cars.

TWO men have been arrested in Marbella for allegedly attacking two Local Police officers who told them to move their vehicles as they were blocking the way of a procession.

The officers told the men, 42 and 52-years-old, to move their cars but they were ignored. 

Minutes later, a tow truck was called as a procession was about to make its way through the area. This spurred the men into action, but before they could move the cars the officers became concerned the two of them were under the influence of alcohol, and instructed them to find someone else to move the vehicles. 

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One of the men allegedly made a rude comment and then allegedly began to push and punch one of the policemen. 

When other officers sprung into action to assist their colleague, the second man allegedly became physical with them as well, and ultimately both of the men were arrested. 


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