Mayor to rearrange Marbella Council

MARBELLA MAYOR: Jose Bernal has decided to make changes.

MARBELLA Town Council is having a major management overhaul with the intention of becoming more efficient. Nine months after the new local government formed, Marbella Mayor Jose Bernal (PSOE party) has decided to make changes in the management structure.

Only certain departments managed by PSOE party will be changing. One of the most significant changes will be that of the Tourism and Safety departments as they will no longer be managed by the mayor himself, but Deputy Mayor Javier Porcuna (PSOE party) will take the helm.

In addition, the Sports department, which was managed by the mayor himself, will now be managed by Works Councillor Blanca Fernandez. After the changes take place, Bernal will only be in charge of one sector, that of the Employment Department.

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The mayor is also looking for several replacement positions in several departments. He has had a busy week with numerous press and public events.


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