Flying the flag at half-mast rejected by Javea

JOSE CHULVI: More European than ever.

JAVEA opposes the European Union-Turkey agreement to return migrants and refugees to Turkey after they reach Greece.

 “We want to show our most energetic rejection,” said Javea mayor Jose Chulvi, who explained the council had insisted that Spain’s acting government  should not back the controversial measure.  

Unlike San Vicente, Elche or Castellon the town hall did not remove the EU flag or fly it at half-mast.


“Here in Javea we did not opt to remove the EU flag from public buildings.  On the contrary, it is now that we want to feel more decidedly European than ever,” Chulvi declared.  “We want to say that what we have built between us with so much effort cannot be wasted in decisions taken by a group of politicians who are not equal to the challenges that this new century demands of us all.”


  1. While humanitarian gestures are to be applauded it is simply irresponsible to continue to allow millions of migrants and refugees to risk their lives crossing the mediterranean simply because they prefer the idea of living permanently in Europe. This is not about granting asylum to an individual whose life is threatened but entire populations from other continents who are refusing to ask for asylum as the law requires in the first country they reach which are all in the Middle East or Africa. The security and stability of Europe is already facing a major threat from radical islamists and should not open the doors to millions of people with different religions and cultures or even think about allowing Turkey or the Balkan States into the EU for the foreseeable future

  2. I find the whole idea of all these people homeless terrible but if they are just looking for a better life I have seen first hand in uk- the country cannot cope with the people they have let in only to the detriment of their own. Coloureds in particular get everything whilst ex pats get nothing and are actually blocked from getting private rentals/homes, work or anything for two years – coloureds into hotels. It is disgusting!!


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