School construction approved for Mijas

© Mandy Godbehear / Shutterstock
PARENTS: Demanded a school with facilities decent enough for their children.

THE mayor of Mijas Juan Carlos Maldonado has announced that at long last, the construction of the Indira Gandhi Primary School has been approved and will be put out to tender, with a plan that it be completed and open by 2017. 

There have been six years of discussions between the council and the Junta de Andalucia and now, a budget of €6 million has been agreed with a tentative start date for construction being June of this year.

The mayor said: “It is a happy day for Mijas residents. This is an achievement that has been shared with all the residents, and the parents who have not given up demanding a school with facilities decent enough for their children.”


Now that the Indira Gandhi School is now on the horizon, the next goal is to build a new secondary school. 

Mayor Maldonado added: “I promise to start looking for plots of land to give to the Junta de Andalucia, so the children can have their needs covered when they look to move to secondary education. We want start working as soon as possible on the concept of a new secondary school for Las Lagunas.”  


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