Far-Right protesters clash with riot police at memorial tribute


THE heightened tension in Brussels continued this weekend as riot police were forced to intervene after a group of extreme right wing protesters stormed into a memorial tribute.

A large crowd of people had congregated at the Palace de la Bourse on Sunday March 27 where a makeshift memorial had been set up to commemorate the lives lost in Tuesday’s attacks.

The ceremony was however soon interrupted by hundreds of self-declared ‘fascist’ protesters, who harassed Muslim women in the crowd, chanted, and made Nazi salutes.


The riot police arrived at the scene where they used a water cannon to get rid of the belligerent gatecrashers, who eventually backed off.

This Sunday the Belgian police also conducted 13 new raids and questioned more people. A ‘March against Fear’ had been scheduled to take place as well, but was called off over concerns that it would use up too many police resources.



  1. saw it on tv
    absolutely disgusted by the attitude of these people wearing things to cover their faces- mind I suppose they were too ashamed or they should be


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