Dublin commemorates Easter Rising centenary

Irish Defence Forces
Dublin commemorates Easter Rising

EVENTS in Dublin are taking place to commemorate the centenary anniversary of the Easter Rising which saw Irish rebels launch an assault against occupying British forces in the troubled nation’s capital.

A pivotal moment in British and Irish history the short-lived rebellion saw the proclamation of an Irish Republic and the loss of hundreds of lives on either side.

Although crushed in under a week, with the controversial execution of the leaders taking place within months, the Easter Rising laid the groundwork for the eventual independence of the Irish Republic in 1922. 


Dozens of events are scheduled across Dublin with a state ceremony held at The Garden of Rememberance today March 26 at 12pm. Thousands of soldiers and army veterans will take part in the key parade tomorrow from 10am through the city’s streets with President Higgins laying a wreath and the nation taking a minute’s silence. 

The government and organisers are hoping for a more inclusive ceremony than the 50th anniversary which took place amid heightened tensions, although unionists have been reluctant to participate in any celebrations. New historical perspectives are seeking to strip the Rising of its still tender political overtones and place it in the context of European history in the early 20th century. 



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