Balcony View for Banderas

Emily Chettle
Banderas on his balcony

THE BIGGEST night of Semana Santa was in full swing on Thursday March 24 with parades lasting until early morning.

Steadfast fan of Holy Week, Antonio Banderas was seen in his usual spot over-looking Larios Street from the plush balconies of The Larios Hotel.

As the processions drummed and marched through the packed streets, Banderas accompanied by partner Nicole Kimpel and a number of friends was seen craning over the balcony, engrossed in the religious ceremonies. The marchers were more than aware of his Hollywood presence with many casting a beady eye to the balcony above as they trooped by.


The Zorro star now lives in Los Angeles but tries to return to his hometown of Malaga each year for the most important festival in the Catholic calendar.

Banderas also usually likes to return to his church brotherhood ‘Tears and Favours’ to take part in the marches that take place throughout Malaga and across many towns across Spain. 



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