Baby thrown away with the rubbish

© Fernando Cortes / Shutterstock
Body of baby found discarded in rubbish.

A NEW BORN baby´s body has been found in a rubbish treatment plant in Casares. 

The Guardia Civil were notified in the evening of March 23 after a worker at the plant found the body amongst rubbish on a transporting belt. 

The worker instantly raised the alarm and the moving belt was switched off. 


Forensic specialists from the Guardia Civil scientific police department were on the scene collecting evidence before the body could be fully recovered by 11pm. 

An autopsy is currently underway in Malaga Legal Medicine Institute after an investigation has been opened following this horrific discovery.

Investigators have said it may be possible to identify where the section of rubbish originated and was collected from in order to identify the mother but without this information the case will be hard to solve.   

About 100 tonnes of rubbish is processed every day from 11 municipalities where more than 500,000 people live. The central waste treatment plant is owned by the Association of Municipalities of the Western Costa del Sol.


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