Antonio Banderas is back for Holy Week

© Alvaro Simon Quero / Shutterstock
In previous years Banderas has taken part in the processions through Malaga.

FAMOUS Malaga resident Antonio Banderas is back in Malaga for Holy week, an appointment he never misses each year. 

With a brand new luxury penthouse in Alcazabilla, central Malaga, boasting stunning views including the Alcazaba, the Picasso museum and the Roman Theatre, the Zorro actor will not be short of viewpoints to watch the processions as they pass. 

Super fans are expected to get their first glimpse of Hollywood legend on Friday when he will be hosting the annual charity dinner at Edgar Neville auditorium, with capacity for about 250 people, in aid of the Tears and Favours Foundation where he is chairman of the board. Accompanied by his partner Nicole Kimpel, the gala dinner will be raising money for terminally ill cancer patients and Malaga University as donations from donors and private companies are expected to flood in. 


For years now, Banderas has been committed in his support of the traditional religious ceremonies of Semama Santa in his home-town of Malaga. Usually renting a hotel room in Larios Street, where he can watch from the comfort of a luxury room, this year Banderas will have his private balcony to watch the thrones as they come and go from the churches in the spectacular processions presented by the brotherhoods. 

The aging Hollywood heartthrob bought the rooftop apartment shortly after separating from Melanie Griffiths in 2015 and since then he has had it fully renovated. Banderas also owns a property in Marbella and a luxury five bedroom property in Surrey. 



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