Brussels bombings information is becoming clearer several hours later

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The Eifel Tower in the colours of the Belgian flag.

AS EXPECTED, Daesh has claimed responsibility for the Brussels bombings and a lot more information concerning the airport bombing in particular is coming to light.

Images from CCTV showing three men have been released and it is believed that two of them were suicide bombers whose suitcases were the cause of the explosions, although it is now confirmed that these did not take place by the American Airlines departure desks but by a general check in area.

A third bomb was found at the airport and it is assumed that it either didn’t detonate due to a fault or the third man pictured in the video did not go ahead with his suicide attempt and subsequently fled the building.


Apart from searching for this suspected terrorist, Belgian police raided a building in the Schaarbeek area of Brussels where they found Daesh propaganda as well as explosives which are said to contain nails.

The latest estimates are that 34 innocent people were murdered and hundreds including two from the UK and four Spaniards have been injured. The Spanish Home Secretary has announced that he has instructed Spanish airports to increase their vigilance over security. Brussels airport will remain closed on Wednesday March 23.

As darkness fell, so buildings around Europe including the Eifel Tower and Brandenburg Gate were lit up with the colours of the Belgian flag.



  1. As usual with the terrorist attacks in Europe, it seems the terrorists were “known to the police forces” and as usual they were either let out of prison early, or never sent to prison, or simply not arrested or traced. Hopefully someone might coordinate intelligence in the EU and get tough on the criminals before the number of victims reaches greater proportions of the population


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