Bombs explode at Brussels airport

Ward Markey Twitter
Scene of devastation at Brussels Airport

AT JUST after 8am on Tuesday March 22, two bombs apparently exploded at Brussels airport near an American Airways check in desk causing chaos and confusion.

First reports from Belgian broadcaster RTBF suggest that 10 people have been killed in the explosions and 30 injured although the bulk of passengers were safely evacuated from the building which is being searched for additional bombs.

Passengers were instructed to leave their hand baggage behind as they were hustled from the buildings but many took no notice of the instructions and with so many people involved, it was impossible to enforce the rule.


All flights to Brussels are currently being diverted and it is highly unlikely that there will be any departures in the immediate future.

Whilst no organisation had claimed responsibility for the bombing at the time of preparing this report, it is supposed that this may well be an action taken by Daesh or its supporters as a gesture following the recent capture of Europe’s most sought after terrorist Salah Abdeslam in Brussels last week.



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