Fuengirola facelift

Mayor Mula: Visited the work to give it her own seal of approval.

THANKS to spending of €400,000, Calle Los Algarrobos, which is located between the upper side of the Miramar area in Fuengirola and the surroundings of Sohail Castle, has seen a  transformation where its old façade has been updated by the council.

€400,000 was spent on upgrades to the area near the castle

The work, which was first muted in 2015, has taken place over a 1,925 square-metre surface area and consisted of the replacement of the pipes and lighting network, as well as the enlargement of the pavement, introduction of new waste bins and general beautification.

Once the work was completed, Fuengirola Mayor Ana Mula and Works Councillor Jose Sanchez visited to give it their seal of approval.



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