Let’s all go to Lanzarote!

Cameron is expected to stay near Playa Blanca, Lanzarote

PRIME Minister David Cameron will be taking time off from running, or destroying the country (depending on who you speak to), and joining thousands of his compatriots in jetting off to Spain for Easter.

Lanzarote will play host to the Cameron family for the third year running to the delight of tabloid paparazzi, which will undoubtedly flock to the island to snap photos of ‘Sam Cam’ eating calamari and flaunting some shade of blue.

Local businesses on the island likely won’t object to the attention with the Cameron’s last visit reportedly generating more than €1.2 million in profit from the media focus alone. 


The embattled conservative leader seems to have a favourite destination in Spain, which has been selected almost exclusively for his family holidays while in office. 

Granada, Mallorca and Ibiza have also been graced by the politician’s presence, but this Semana Santa it will be a week in the Canaries near the Playa Blanca on the south of Lanzarote. 

In a move reminiscent of his hilarious pretence of being eco-friendly by cycling to work while a car brought his briefcase, Cameron will fly with Ryanair to showcase his working family credentials, and keep on the good side of the Irish as he looks for new destinations after June 24. 



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