Calpe to pioneer new smart city philosophy in huge boost

© donvictorio via Shutterstock

A spirited strategy to transform Calpe into a smart, sustainable vision of the future will restore the old town and emphatically improve mobility for older residents. The ambitious project, partly funded by the EU’s Europe 2020 plan will dramatically overhaul the urban landscape to put residents and the environment first.  

The ‘Calpe Smart City’ blueprint was launched this week by the local council which announced an €8.5 million budget with 50 per cent bankrolled by the European Regional Development Fund which saw unlimited potential in the northern Costa Blanca town. 

Essential elements of the five year plan include environmentally friendly public transportation specially adapted for elderly expatriates. The smart use of local resources, enhanced electronic communication, and more accessible and vibrant public spaces will also be top of the agenda. 


Officials have been working tirelessly with local social and cultural groups to help prioritise citizen needs and are looking at how to best promote local businesses and entrepreneurship. 

It is a brave new world for Calpe as it prepares to lead the Costa Blanca into an exciting future. 



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