Journalist detained for crossing Macedonian border illegally

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Journalists detained for crossing border illegally.

THIRTY journalists, including several Spanish reporters, have been detained by Macedonian police for crossing the border illegally. In trying to bag their big scoop the reporters were with about 2,000 refugees trying to cross illegally to Greece whilst reporting on the crisis. 

The Spanish journalists who were reporting on the refugee crisis in Greece include Euskal Telebista and Ane Irazabal. They have now been transferred to the Police station in Gevgelija Macedonia near Idomeni Greece.

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Ane Irazabal is due to be freed in the coming hours after paying a fine of about €250 reports have suggested. 


  1. About time too, Journalist, including the BBC, have been biased – example BBC news complains about use of tear gas, but does not mention migrants throwing stones or using a battering ram to attack the fence. Journalist must be unbiased and remain within the law, crossing a border illegally is breaking the law.

  2. The world is going mad. On the one hand there are thousands of illegal migrants breaking down barriers and crossing borders illegally all over Europe. On the other there are European journalists who are arrested for doing the same thing even if what they are doing is immoral looking for scoops out of the the misery with heartbreaking stories of the migrants to raise sympathy and support which may not be justified in the case of economic migrants


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