Big brother – New cameras will be in place before summer

Over half of Spanish drivers will have to change their car before 2023 © shutterstock by Elena Elisseeva
Over half of Spanish drivers will have to change their car before 2023

THE watchful eye of the law will focus on drivers across Malaga Province, as a number of new cameras will be installed specifically to target those not wearing their seatbelt or people using their mobile phones. 

Both infractions are punishable by docking three points from a licence and a €200 fine.

The number of cameras, the date of the installation and their definitive locations have not been decided yet, but the Malaga Province traffic chief said they are aiming to have them ready before summer. Most of them will be located near secondary roads.


Last year saw 4,694 cases of mobile phone use and 3,709 seatbelt infractions across the province, and more should be anticipated this year should the plans come together. 


  1. A €200 fine is nowhere near enough for using your phone while driving. This is a very dangerous practice and I have even seen people texting while driving.
    I don’t care if these people get into an accident for they deserve it, but they are putting other road users at great risk.
    It is a shame that manufacturers cannot install something in the car that blocks the phone signal while driving.

  2. Hi Alan,
    You are right, but I am sure modern technology could ensure that this only applies when the ignition switch is turned on and/or the is engine running.

  3. There are traffic lights and a crossing fairly much right in front of where I am, I remember one day as I left home I approached the crossing while a police car slowed down just before the lights, the passenger was texting on his mobile as was the driver who had his mobile resting on the steering wheel as he texted and appeared to be checking from the side of his eye if anyone was looking. I am sure this is not just restricted to police in Benalmadena and I wonder what happens if they are caught on camera 😉

  4. I understand what you are saying Allan but it is dangerous to drive and be on the phone, most near misses I have had is with people on their phones. There are hands free systems many new cars come with and which Police and ambulances should have installed be default and use, there is generally a passenger in the vehicle also so there should be no excuse for public services to drive and use their phones, I think they suffer from the same as everyone else and they use their phones constantly for personal use. While we might consider you could be fined now for having an arm resting on the open window of your door while driving without both hands on the wheel and that is without a distraction of a phone then ‘anyone’ using a mobile phone not on hands free while driving should be fined.


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