Oscar Pistorius may not appeal against his conviction of murder

Frederic Legrand Shutterstock
Oscar Pistorius

AFTER considering his request to lodge an appeal against his conviction of murder of girl-friend Reeva Steenkamp, the South African high court has ruled that his appeal has no reasonable grounds for success and therefore the conviction should stand.

Pistorius has been on bail since December when the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) found him guilty of murder after overruling the earlier conviction on the lesser charge of culpable homicide but now it would appear that his options have been dramatically reduced and he is likely to serve a significant custodial sentence which could be as long as 15 years.

He is now required to attend a sentencing hearing on April 18 but presumably will be allowed to continue to remain out of prison on bail until that time.




  1. I always wondered why a man who suspected that there was an intruder in his bathroom, would not first check that his bed partner was still next to him.
    I am further puzzled why his lover would find it necessary to LOCK the bathroom door in the middle of the night?
    Was she so scared of him.? was my next thought.
    I certainly hope that justice is done.


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