Ultralight aircraft crash worries local residents

© Aerodromo Muchamiel
MUCHAMIEL AERODROME: Is surrounded by urbanisations.

THE recent death of the pilot and passenger of an ultralight aircraft as it approached Muchamiel aerodrome, revived worries in adjoining urbanisations.

Initial investigations suggest that the aircraft snagged a power line coming in to land or crashed while trying to avoid it, the Provincial Fire Brigade revealed. Other causes have not been ruled out although there was no contact between the aircraft and the control tower advising of problems.

The very experienced pilot knew the area and had landed at Muchamiel on countless occasions, said aerodrome sources. One of the men survived the crash but died before he could be freed from the wreckage.


Although the accident occurred in an area away from homes, residents complain that an increasing number of planes use the airport and fly very low over the Rio Park urbanisation with its hundreds of villas. “One day the worst could happen and a plane will crash into someone’s home,” they warn.



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