Report reveals times are tough for young Spaniards


THE SPANISH youth are most at risk of descending into poverty new data has revealed. 

Only 21 per cent of people under the age of 30 have managed to fly the nest leaving the other 79 per cent living at home, firmly attached to their parent´s apron strings, according to the reportObservatory. This is not through personal choice however as in the current climate, in Spain, where half of the people aged under 25 are unemployed, options for living anywhere else, apart from at their parent´s home, are somewhat limited.

For those aged under 30 who have managed to find work, permanent contracts are few and far between. 


The representative for the Youth Council of Spain in charge of economics, Victor Reloba recently stated that “Spain is no country for young people,” 

“More than a third of the youth population is at risk of social exclusion” 

The data has revealed that of the few youngsters who have managed to spread their wings and fledge the nest, only 16 per cent have managed to do so on their own. 

Reloba went on to say that: “For the young today having a job is inherently difficult.” 

Employment and housing are the two key factors for a young person to “start the transition to adult life”.  However, “living with their parents is the only strategy they have”

Catalonia, Valencia, Madrid and La Rioja are the regions that have suffered the biggest falls in numbers of under 30 year olds leaving home. 

La Rioja has the worst figures in the country, where only 16 per cent of young people had managed to leave home, 35 per cent less than the previous year.



  1. I have to admit I am more than a tad puzzled with this, apart from it being common knowledge the Spanish have generally taken a little longer to flee the nest than say the British, I am wondering if this is this just something that these people are just starting to realise now? Does this man get paid for this?

    I thought the political elite of Spain where in a different time but I didn’t realise they where also just waking up from a seven year hibernation, God help the Spanish people because none of their politicians will… or from what I have just read I would doubt they would have the faintest idea in how to!

  2. But now there is a new political party called PODEMOS that could help people to give democracy to Spain and fight the three conservative parties of corruption.

    Most important to me would be to end monopoly of far-righted media in TV, Radio and to end ban of Google News

  3. One small problem WE CAN, they need to be elected in able to govern and that hasn’t happened! I might add as much as I do not think it right to ban Google news I fear that if that is something that is ‘most important’ to one of the electorate then I worry that the electorate hasn’t much idea of the things that are really important to get this country going again…. such as creating employment!

    Their manifesto does not appear to do anything that will help create employment, they as others before them show they are only interested in protecting the employed and not creating employment. It needs to made easier to sack people not more difficult as Podemos state they will, also it needs to be cheaper to employ people while I fear their manifestos points will do the opposite.

    The only manifesto that mentioned anything that might help create employment was Ciudadanos but they will not govern unless elected either.


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