Gibraltar Government to support ‘STAY’ vote in EU Referendum

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Fabian Picardo and David Cameron.

IT WAS a historic night for both Britain and Gibraltar when David Cameron announced on the evening of Friday February 19 that he had reached an acceptable deal with the other leaders of the EU and would be calling for the national referendum on continued membership to be held on Thursday June 23. 

Having declared that the Conservative government would recommend remaining in the Union, it could be the start of a schism in the party as Mr Cameron has not instructed Conservative minsters, MPs and grandees to toe the party line and they will all be free to campaign for either side. 

Already, Michael Gove, Iain Duncan Smith and Chris Grayling, none of whom are exactly popular with the public-at-large have declared themselves, alongside three other ministers, as being in favour of the Brexit, whilst Tory favourite, Mayor of London Boris Johnson has also come out against the Union, possibly as part of an audacious bid to pick up the leadership if David Cameron fails.


Any decision to leave the EU could have dramatic repercussions on Gibraltar, its people and economy so the Brexit negotiations have been followed closely by politicians, businesses and individuals alike. Following the announcement from Mr Cameron, Chief Minister Fabian Piccardo congratulated him on the agreement that he had managed to achieve.

It is no secret that the Government of Gibraltar wants to see Britain remain within the Union and, rather than continue with what has become a squabble between the two leaders and their followers over the past year, Michael Feetham, leader of the opposition endorsed the congratulations and said that he would work with the Government of Gibraltar to back the campaign to remain.

Although small in size, all voters in Gibraltar will have the opportunity to cast their vote in the referendum and clearly every vote will count. 



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