Referendum confirmed and date announced


UK Prime Minister David Cameron has announced that Britain will be voting on whether to stay in the EU or not on Thursday, June 23.

The date for the much awaited and debated referendum was announced by the PM in a historical statement from Downing Street on Saturday, February 20, after briefing the cabinet on a reform deal reached with EU leaders the day before in Brussels following two intense days of talks.

Cameron informed the cabinet ministers that he will be recommending remaining within a reformed European Union, and received backing from Home Secretary Theresa May, Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin and Minister for Small Businesses Anna Soubry.


Yet others including Justice Secretary Michael Gove, Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith and Leader of the House Chris Grayling are believed likely to join a campaign to leave the union.

While Chancellor George Osborne stated that the deal, which includes agreements on welfare payments to migrants, Britain’s right to opt out of the eurozone and a promise that the UK would have more control over laws drawn up in Brussels, would make Britain “stronger, safer and better off in the EU” and said the alternative would be a “big leap in the dark”, Labour Jeremy Corbyn has dismissed the deal as a “missed opportunity” and claims the changes included in the deal are “largely irrelevant to the problems most British people face.”

Now the referendum campaign groups, one for in and one for out, will be designated by the Electoral Commission. Both groups will be given a £600,000 grant, campaign broadcasts, free mailshots and a spending limit of £7m.



  1. It’s likely no-one would dispute that the EU is in need of a great deal of work to fix all the things that are wrong with her. She is like a sick hospital patient needing intensive care.

    Is that a good reason to walk away, withdraw the treatment and leave the patient to her fate?

    Or should we stay by her bedside and try to make her well?

    It’s our decision.

  2. Yes me again Brian, your ghastly insulting fellow expat 😉

    Well the truth is Brian she doesn’t want to get better, she has demonstrated this and that is the problem, MEPS have been speaking out about getting change and nothing has changed, well it has but for the worse. Something that is as corrupt and twisted as the EU needs to be got away from and ASAP.

    Please don’t start your silly scaremongering, there will be enough of it from the politicians and the 80, sorry 50 is it… oh no its now 35 of the 100 top FTSE bosses that support staying in, and that dropped in 2 days while DC failed to mention that actually means 75 who didn’t sign to support staying in… lol

    Only a couple of days have passed since the date for a referendum was set and already there are more and more * important * people saying they think it better to be out than in… even No 10 suggested General Rose supported the letter when in fact he doesn’t and states he thinks the UK would be safer out than in… not looking good for DC is it, oh a mistake was it DC… lol Now with * rumours * OUT MP’s will be restricted to data and civil services while the IN MP’s will not! Very democratic, seems EU tactics rubbing off on DC!

    Interestingly I read yesterday that the Dutch are now starting to push for an in/out referendum… bring it on I say, lets get rid of this vile corrupt union ASAP!


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