Huge tobacco haul made by Royal Gibraltar Police

© Royal Gibraltar Police.
Cigarettes seized during the raid.

OFFICERS from the Crime and Protective Services division ofthe Royal Gibraltar Police (RGP) raided a store in the Francis building on the evening of February 17 and seized an enormous number of cigarettes estimated to be worth somewhere in the region of £110,000 (€143,000).

Two adults, one a Spanish resident of La Linea and the other a British resident of Gibraltar, together with a minor were arrested initially, and a third adult allegedly a Gibraltarian was arrested later.

The two adults appeared at the Magistrate’s Court charged with possession of 35,000 packs of cigarettes, involvement in the planned illegal exportation of cigarettes and possession of radio transmitters, whilst the third adult was released on police bail pending further enquiries.


In addition to the impounding of the cigarettes, a vehicle was also seized by the RGP.



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