Changes in the Voting System for Eurovision Song Contest

Changes to the song contest's voting system is something to celebrate.

THE EUROVISION SONG CONTEST is set to be ‘radically transformed’ in 2016. Officials in Stockholm announced on February 18 that the voting system is to be overhauled to create a more transparent procedure. 

Previous years have seen the juries and viewers awarding a combined result, each offering 50 percent of the score. From 2016, a point system will be introduced in the hope of a clearer and simpler procedure. The aim is also to ensure more excitement for the hundreds of millions of viewers in Europe and further afield.  

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Spain’s entry this year will controversially feature a song to be sung in English, for the first time in the contest’s 55-year history. 


  1. maybe now we will see other countries getting a chance
    I gave up watching it because it seemed like the vote was rigged and some countries never stood a chance


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