A Malaga resident reports scam to police

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FAKE website: Father and two sons arrested for making fraudulent offers online.

A MALAGA resident who reported a scam led the National Police force to an investigation resulting in three arrests on January 25, for making fraudulent offers to online customers over a fake website. 

Those arrested are reported to be a father, 52 and his two children, aged 29 and 32, who are accused of selling electronic products on a legitimate-looking website, and then failing to deliver the actual items once the transaction was made. 

Mobile phones, game consoles and other hi-tech items were sold to customers who then received heavy parcels containing bricks, packets of salt or piles of pages. 

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Police reports confirm an investigation into the online scam began after an online shopper from Malaga made an official complaint, and several customers in Alicante complained to a freight company which had delivered parcels. 

The website’s owners are reported to have successfully duped more than a dozen online shoppers nationwide.

The amount swindled from customers is thought to amount to more than €3,000. 

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