Marbella ex-councillors enter prison

MALAYA TRIAL: There are still 11 sentenced and expected to enter prison.

THREE Marbella ex-councillors, who were sentenced to three and a half years in prison for bribery in the Malaya case, have surrendered themselves to prison in order to comply with the sentence.

Vicente Manciles, former town planning councillor, Jose Jaen, former culture and education councillor and Pedro Perez Salgado, who was the former deputy mayor, surrendered voluntarily within the 10-day limit set by the court which ended on January 27.

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This brings to four the total number of ex-councillors who have voluntarily entered prison. After the end of this period, the court has the right to issue a search warrant for those who have not come forward. 

At the time of this report, there are still 11 sentenced under the Malaya trial expected to enter prison.


  1. So does that mean that anyone in Spain sentenced to prison can decide when they are ready to serve it and hand themselves in or do the rest of mere mortals just get arrested and carted off to prison?

  2. What a travesty – and they call that justice? Anyone want to bet against the fact that they won’t serve anywhere near their full sentence too.


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