Costa Tropical beach bars get an overhaul

© Wikimedia Commons.
BEACH BARS: Refurbishments are due to take place now licences have been approved.

SIXTEEN Axarquia beach bars will be refurbished now that the Junta de Andalucia regional government has approved the licences. 

Diggers have begun to appear on the beach after almost eight years of waiting. The work will affect six establishments in Salobreña and 10 in Almuñecar. The only problem that remains is time, as business owners wish to have everything set by Easter, when the high season starts. 

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Other businesses have not been so lucky, as their licences have still not been approved. Francisco Trujillo, President of the Costa Tropical Beach Bar Association, pointed out that although work has now begun on some bars, the legal procedures are complicated so the process has been slow.


  1. Maybe we should just get rid of all the current Andalucian parliament and get people who are interested in the people of Andalucia and not themselves and can get things together a little faster… would be a good start but sadly… not that easy to do is it! 😉

  2. Lets hope they are still in the style of a Chiringuito and do not resemble a beach cafe similiar to many of the new brick buildings that are being built and replacing the traditional ones in Manila and Casares.

  3. Hopefully they will carry on with the traditional design of the chiringuito and do not resort to the brick beach-side cafe look that now adorn the beaches in Casares and Sabinillas.


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