Clearing up Riviera del Sol


MIJAS Council have reacted to the concerns of local residents in Riviera del Sol and started a program of clearing plots of overgrown wasteland in the area.

Acknowledging the fact that many areasclose to the intersection with the AP7 motorway have become overgrown, untidy and a potential fire risk, the council have instigated a programme employing workers under the Renta Basica employment scheme to clear the area up.

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The workers are focusing on the areas and plots with vegetation, to prevent the plants from invading the pavements and hindering pedestrians.

Urbanisations Councillor, Lourdes Burgos said: “It is a completely reasonable demand from residents because there were places in which they couldn’t walk because of the amount of grass and undergrowth that was there, in addition to the rubbish that had accumulated there.”

The Renta Basica teams have started working on Calles Granate and Diamante, as well as in locations close to the motorway.


  1. What gets me is why did the residents have to bring this up in the first place? Its not like the town hall doesn’t get a million or two in IBI from Riviera properties every year!

    Town halls love to skimp on their responsibilities but then will come down on you like a ton of bricks with fines if you make a small step out of line!


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