Ministry prevents repetition of September accident in Javea

GEODESIC column: No longer easy to climb.

IT will no longer be possible to climb the geodesic column at Cabo de la Nao in Javea.

Wide-spaced rungs let into its side have been removed to discourage the public from climbing the column after a 53-year-old woman fell from the top while taking a selfie last September. 

She suffered serious head and back injuries after falling backwards onto the sharp-edged rocks that surround the structure and died two days later in hospital.


The four-metre-high column, used in mapmaking, is the property of Spain’s Instituto Geografico Nacional. The national government’s Ministry of Public works ordered the removal of all the metal rungs apart from the top three. 

 A notice has also been erected, warning that only authorised professionals may climb it and always with the proviso that they wear safety harnesses.


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