Latest news in Spanish parliament deadlock, Ciudadanos to try to mediate

© La Moncloa Gobierno.
Albert Rivera and Mariano Rajoy.

IN THE same way that the leader of Ciudadanos, Albert Rivera assisted in mediating between the PP and PSOE to appoint Patxi Lopez as President of Congress, he has now contacted Mariano Rajoy on January 25 offering to discuss the possibility of his party assisting the PP to form a government.

No formal negotiations will take place until after the second round of visits by the leaders to the King which will take place early next week but this is a breakthrough of sorts as, although the two parties have a great deal of differences, and would even combined not form a majority government, this may lead to further discussions with PSOE.

Podemos in the meantime are not happy that the PSOE leader has not shown a huge amount of interest in forming a coalition with them but are convinced that a left wing government would be far preferable to one which included the PP and PSOE.



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