Andalucian fighter in the firing line after taking baby daughter in bullring

© Instagram / f.r.paquirri

A Spanish matador from an impressive lineage of famous bullfighters has come under fire after posting an image of himself mid-battle, with his five-month-old daughter Carmen tucked under one arm. 

Francisco Rivera’s decision to combine parenting with a potentially deadly sport was criticized by many who saw the fighter’s post on Instagram, with some followers accusing him of putting the child in danger. One particularly scathing comment read “you must be subnormal to be a bullfighter, but must be a total a*****e to expose your own child to danger.”

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His controversial post also scored more than 5,500 likes, as Mr Rivera joked that Carmen was ‘the fifth generation’ of his family to make her debut in the bullring. The daring father then followed up with another photo showing his own dad fighting a bull with a very young Francisco in his arms. 

The accompanying caption from Mr Rivera reads “History repeats itself. The best legacy alive, feeling, purity, honour” while his chosen hashtag #orgullodesangre, means ‘blood pride.’

Andalucía’s Child Protection Agency is now said to be investigating whether Mr Rivera’s actions contravened rules to protect minors. 

The contentious sport of bullfighting is still alive and well in Andalucía, despite being banned in Catalonia and the Canary Islands. 


  1. Agree completely Kay. I notice that the young bullock is just a baby too. It’s tiny, barely up to the matador’s waist and he looks pretty short in stature. It already has a terrible bleeding wound from the picadors’ attentions. I think this man’s ego trip is disgusting. I’m perfectly happy for him to endanger his own life if he wants to! But to endanger the lives of a baby human and a baby animal at the same time is just plain wrong.

  2. Hi Bernard
    BBC news reported yesterday that he’s been referred to the Spanish prosecutors. Yeayy! Andalucia’s Ombudsman for Children said it showed a “situation of unnecessary risk to a minor” so the Law is on to him.

    Just a wee bit concerned about your “weeding out the gene pool” comment though. Bit harsh! On the bull… Heheh.


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