Marbella Lighthouse ‘put out’ to tender


AFTER the Council fired the starting pistol for a plan to showcase the Marbella lighthouse last year, the race was on. But with the Port Authority this week pulling the plug on both project ideas, it seems that it’s ‘lights out’ for the new image.

Marbella council had the idea to reinvent the old lighthouse as one of projects that would contribute to the ‘dynamisation’ of the economy. However, neither of the projects presented to use the Marbella Lighthouse for hospitality/accommodation/commercial purposes have met the criteria of the Port Authority.

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Now that the two offers put forth by developers from the municipality have been rejected, the idea is to cast the net further and put the project out to public tender, so that any business may bid if they so wish. 

Meanwhile, the resolution of the Port Authority has not managed to convince the two developers who are now waiting for official notification before considering an appeal, and Marbella council continues waiting to find out what use their lighthouse might have.


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